Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Crazy Week!

Let me work backwards. It has been a crazy 10 days. As always, lots of MAMA Drama. (that part is at the end though)

So, today I am getting ready for my DR. Appt. I have not been feeling well since saturday. I walk downstairs from Brennan's room and he is standing at the bottom of the stairs w/ blood everywhere. I have no idea what happened. I guess he fell and hit is nose. I never thought that much blood could come out of a little nose. his hands were covered in blood, the stairs were covered, the wall, the floor. And I was upstairs no more than 60 seconds. Long enough to get a new shirt for him to wear out.

We clean up and head to the Dr. SO this is my first time at my dr. on base. It was fairly painless but longer than you would expect. No real diagnose. Guess you have a bug or virus, but go take a urine test to make sure of pregnancy. OH BABY!

SO, lets not discuss that last part. SHHH don't tell ken.

Then we leave the Dr. office to stop and get my watch fixed that has been broken for months. Now the watch repair is in the "Guns Plus" store. Mama has never been in a gun store. I don't like guns. Yes I have two boys and a military husband, but still don't like them. So, that was just funny. I think I giggled the whole time in there. That got lots of looks. Who goes to the gun store to get your watch fixed? Is this a normal thing???? Now, the GUNS PLUS Store opens at 11 AM. What store opens at 11 AM? Only the local gun dealer in Spring Lake. And there were 6, yes 6 cars waiting for the store to open. Wow. This was a new experience for me. So brennan says, "Look mommy lots of guns" Yes, baby. Lets go home.

Then, last week I got yelled at by another MAMA! OH NO. You can't yell at a fellow MAMA. that goes against the MAMA Sisterhood! We were at the gym and the mom thought brennan was playing too rough w/ her daughter. While he was just being a boy and they were just playing, I did interfere and re-direct him. I am offended that she would yell at me to "control your son". (and many other things) So, needless to say, we have not been back to the gym since. Maybe next week we'll return.

Then I have the Floor DRAMA. I ruined my beautiful hardwood floors. SO I have been cleaning it by hand in sections to get this ugly gray film off. Oh that has been fun.

SO, what a week we have had. I am so ready for a break in my bad luck.
just wanted to give you a laugh.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Escapee!

Two Words! OH CRAP!
The easy days are over! My little one learned how to escape. Nap and Bedtime as I know it are OVER. That' right MAMA! O-V-E-R!
Tyler was so great in his crib. Climbed out once, fell and learned his lesson, never tried again. We converted his crib to a daybed when he turned 2 and he still stayed put until 3.5. He would call me in the morning and after his nap to come get him. He stayed in bed!!!! I know Brennan is going to give me a run for my money.
Bedtime tonight should be fun. I think we need more beer.


Look! MAMA went Green!

I am so proud, I can't stand it. REALLY! I have wanted to buy recyclable bags forever and never did. Why don't they offer to sell these when you check out? Why don't they have them everywhere.? The Commissary could save the world! Ha, that's a joke. But they were not easy to find. I had to ask several people, the lady at the register had to ask several people before finally calling the manager. They are kept locked up in the managers office. Now, tell me why THAT makes sense? SHHH, don't tell anyone we have recyclable bags. It's a secret!

Anyway, these cute little bags hold a ton. I would say almost twice what a regular plastic bag does, plus it won't tear on you. Hate when that happens.

OK! So, here in Harnett County, NC, they don't make it easy to recycle. In FL, it was a sin not to recycle, here you have to really work to recycle. We DON'T, let me repeat, DON'T have any service that will pick up recycling. We have to haul it ourselves to certain locations. which are not convenient or close. The one around the corner is SCARY, the landfill. We do have a drop off location on base, that is great. But mind you, this is hard work. Plus I recycle it all: paper, boxes, plastic, glass, cans. It's all good. We take at least ONE BIG load to recycle each week. And that is filling the entire bed up of ken's truck. Now, tell me why Harnett county is so behind? Yes, this is the state that is a little backwards, you can still smoke in a gas station, OH MY! that is safe. You can smoke in a restaurant. I really miss FL for this. But is guess this is the home of Tobacco. So NC is not ready to go GREEN. I guess this will be my new CAUSE. This really does ruffle my panties that it is so difficult to do some good.

So, tell your friends, family, and neighbors, this is the new "IT" item at the commissary, girls! The New MUST HAVE BAG. (and they are only .70 cents each. WHAT A BARGAIN!) Join me in the Green Movement!

We'll change the world, one Green Commissary Grocery bag at a time!


Monday, February 25, 2008

Always MAMA Drama!

Ok, Bad Title. Not really about Mama Drama, more Soccer Drama! But I am always good for some Drama!
First, look how cute my little soccer player is!
Ok, So! we have our first soccer games saturday. Yippee, Mind you this is the team we got asked to play on, got uninvited to play on before it even started, then invited again. The Un-invitation was due to coach wanting a 7YO ringer team only. No young ones. Then, he said ok, ty can play. I bet he is biting his tongue now.
Back to my story - Saturday, our first game, we are all set, no uniform, but that's another story. So, game starts and tyler is benched. No problem, we are the new kid. 2nd period he goes in. Coach puts him in as goalie, so I thought. Then someone on the other team went to kick the ball in and, as goalie, TY catches it w/ his hands. Whistle blows. PENALTY. No hands! hello, he is the goalie. so one of the parents say, they don't have goalies, just "defender". what the heck is a defender? so the other team gets a one on one penalty shot. Ty is standing in the goal -kid kicks a perfect shot top left corner. IN! Ty tries to catch it w/ his hands. So I ask, "can he use his hands now? or is he suppose to just sit there and get hit in the face w/ the ball?" oh that's nice. no one knew the rule. SO, my kid that was asked to play, got kicked off the team,, then gets asked to play again, helped to lose the game. don't you think if they can't use their hands, you should tell them? he said he was never told, he thought he was goalie. so, who doesn't play w/ goalies? what kind of soccer is this? this is suppose to be a competitive team. Help me here
So, do I sit back and shut up? OR ask the coach about NC Soccer 101? Plus I would like to tell him, goalie/ defender, whatever, is not a good position for ty unless you want to help the other team score more. He is just not good there.
So, my advise, Save the Drama for your MAMA!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My First Race!

Love the picture, don't you? Maybe my next race I will have a better picture. Story to follow soon.....
So! I REALLY! ran my first race. Really! I made it all the way to the finish line. Yippee. My first 5K. Wow. what a cool thing. I really thought long and hard about doing this race. I knew I had to, it was in my neighborhood for goodness sake, but oh the pressure. Running around other people does not work for me. I do not like crowds, much less having to run a race w/ 200 people. .... Mostly HS cross country players that run way too fast. What's the hurry? Plus running w/ a lot of neighbors was frighting for me also.
So, I only run for selfish reasons. Reason one! I like chocolate way too much. Reason TWO! It is the only time during my day where I don't have to clean, speak to others, chase after two boys, do chores, ETC. It is all about me. I can run as slow as I like, and I usually do, the longer I am out the better. Ha. I can sing as loud as I like, and I normally do. Use to sing more before I lost Ken's I-pod, whole nother story. My MP3, just needs come lovin'. Reason 3! It's nice to run when someone really is not chasing you.
I finished 46th out of 88. I am so happy. Time: 28:50. Yippee, I just wanted to break 30 minutes.
Oh! SO, lack of pictures.... I ask ken at the finish line, do you have the camera? He says, "No, Sorry, I did not have an extra hand for it." OK! We have a backpack camera case????
Just call me Racer X - The Speed Racer, Please!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Little Things In Life!

Hello! Happy Monday! I just wanted to share the joy of Honey Do's! (the top picture of B has nothing to do w/ my story, but just thought my little pirate was cute!) Ok, so you all know about the closet office w/ cable, well, it really is a REAL Office Closet w/ Cable TODAY! We moved the desk in yesterday. Please don't ask me how we got it in here. Do you see the pictures? I think the desk is bigger than the room. Really! We have only inches to spare on each side. I really wish I would have recorded ken and I trying to get this XXL Desk in this room. I think it will be sold w/ the house as I don't think it will come out. But it is in and it is a real live office. We have never had an office before. Life's little miracles. Hot Dog.

As pictured below, see the REAL Guest bedroom. Now, come one and come all to The Hodges Ranch in Spring Lake, NC. You will have your own room, walk in closet (sorry you can't walk in as it is filled w/ SLAH products. They don't come w/ the room either so hands off. ha!) and a Full bathroom. What more could you ask for? We'll leave the light on if you are ever in town!!!! Continental breakfast does not come w/ the room, either.

Also in the same weekend, we had a storm door installed. I just don't know what to think of the action pact weekend. Now, let there be light.

It really does not get much better than this.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Me? Baking? Really?

Ok, so, Brennan's Birthday was Saturday. I actually Baked. Really! I did. I don't even cook well, much less bake decent. I am really not a good baker. But I did good.

Check out his two cakes, YES, two cakes and I even made airplane cookies. Yes, it was an airplane theme party. woohoo. Please give me a gold star!